One of the most common signs of energetic blocks stopping you from starting or growing your business is failing to take action – failing to implement strategies that you know will work for you. In other words, procrastination, avoidance and getting busy on everything except for the essential money-making tasks.

But do you know why that is? Nope, it definitely does NOT mean there’s anything wrong with you (although it can feel that way if you listen to most motivational gurus out there, especially the Instagrammy-type who have no life success to back up their motivational guru-ness). No, let me tell you straight up that you are perfectly, completely normal. The issue might just be your base chakra.

If you’re not familiar with chakras, here’s a very quick run-down. They are major energy centres in the human body, which each affect and govern different aspects of life as a human.  There are 7 main chakras in the body, and more beyond the physical body. The one we’re interested in today is the first, or base chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. The colour associated with it is red, and it governs all of our survival and material needs.

With a normally-functioning base chakra, a person is able to create a safe and secure life for themselves – they can provide shelter, food, clothing and income. They feel a sense of belonging in their community or family. They know their place in the world. They feel secure. And it is also about feeling ‘grounded’, being able to create physical things in a physical world. Like businesses.

When the base chakra is not normally functioning, however, it can severely limit a person’s ability to create a secure life for themselves, often to their immense dissatisfaction. This might look like issues around having a secure home, inability to create a secure income, issues around saving money (it goes out as soon as it comes in), feeling disconnected from their community, feeling abandoned. It also has physical manifestations which are beyond the scope of this article.

In terms of starting or growing a business, which is very much a base chakra activity, the ability to successfully create tangible, real-world outcomes is diminished. Often a person dealing with base chakra issues will have an abundance of ideas, energy and enthusiasm, but lack the follow-through required to bring intangible ideas into physical creations. And so the business never quite gets started, or there are so many ideas being pursued at any one time that none are given the attention they need to become real products or services.


But why does this happen? 

Base chakra issues are usually the result of childhood experiences, which can range from simply perceiving a lack of safety and security as a child, through to traumatic events in childhood, and everything in between. The children of parents who had base charka imbalances can go on to display the same behaviours, unless or until they become consciously aware enough to make changes. Making change is not easy, as it is going against strong energetic patterning and programming. But it can be done.

Other times, there may not be any significant childhood experiences, but rather the energetic makeup of an individual might be ‘top heavy’ – naturally more open and connected in the higher chakras but with less time and energy spent in the lower chakras. Think psychics, daydreamers and other spiritually-minded types who struggle with living in the ‘real world’. This can even manifest as extra weight – to physically ‘ground’ a person who spends a lot of time in the higher energy centres.


What can you do about it?

Issues with the base chakra (and any chakra) can be addressed through energy healing. But there are also things you can do yourself even without help (although if it is something that has had a significant impact, especially failing to meet potential in life, getting expert help is a good idea). Some things you can do on your own are:

  • developing an awareness of where patterns might be repeating, particularly around avoidance and procrastination, and consciously choosing to change behaviour (which does feel strange until a new pattern is established).
  • a ‘grounding’ meditation practice – simply sit and breathe into the base of the spine area, and imagine it blowing up like a big red balloon on the in-breath, and letting the red ‘energy’ fill the whole body on the out-breath – repeat for 10 minutes daily.
  • eating foods that are ‘grounding’ like proteins and red vegetables.
  • spending time outdoors in nature, and if you can, going barefoot, for at least a few minutes each day.
  • carry or meditate with base chakra crystals, such as Garnet, Ruby or Red Jasper.
  • essential oils that work with the base chakra such as Frankincense, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Benzoin, Cypress, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver, amongst others (usually tree, bark or root oils).
  • flower essences that work with the base chakra – I use the Australian Bush Flower Essences, good options include Boab, Waratah, Red Lily, Sundew and Red Grevillea amongst others.
  • yoga, especially yin yoga that works on opening the hips.


What can you expect when you start to address base chakra issues?

As with any sort of healing, clearing blocks and shifting energy can bring up old ‘stuff’. It can bring up old hurts, you may experience some sadness or tears as old emotions are released. This is all good. Issues arise in the first place when we don’t allow ourselves to really feel our emotions, when instead we deny or suppress them as they’re too uncomfortable. So when we heal them, we simply feel them, and they pass very quickly.

And in terms of creating security in life and in business, things start to shift favourably in terms of creating outcomes you want but that you haven’t been able to achieve before. You can start taking action whereas before you may have avoided or procrastinated. You can follow through and set up the business instead of constantly thinking about doing it. You can start creating physical experiences to match the vibrational version that you have created for yourself.

Would strengthening your base chakra help you in your business? Try some of the suggestions above and see what shifts for you.


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Disclaimer: this article is not intended as medical advice. You are always responsible for your own energy and your own healing and wellbeing.


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