As your coach or healer, I bring immense clarity to areas of your life that are confusing, overwhelming, stuck, stressful and not what you want. I help you to clearly understand how you have created and attracted your experiences through the Law of Attraction and most importantly, I help you to fundamentally shift your energy so that you attract and create the life you love. And I give you the tools and techniques to become aware of and manage your own energy so that even after we’ve finished working together, you’re fully in charge of what you’re creating and attracting. The bottom line? You start living the life that you want, now.

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The Pellowah session I received exceeded my wildest expectations. This was a first for me. As a healer I both receive and give many healing session and this was a very unique experience and one that is difficult to put into words. It was deeply felt and deeply healing on many levels of my being. I felt the affects of this amazing healing for a couple days after the session…very enlightening and very worth it! I highly recommend a gentle, yet powerful Pellowah healing session from Jac ( and her Crystals have amazing vibrational energies as well)! ~ Julia Hoffman, Transpersonal Healer


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