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Everything you want, in your business and in your life, has an energetic vibration, and you also have an energetic vibration. So, when we do energy work, what we’re doing is working to bring you into energetic alignment with what it is that you want, either in your business or in your life. Really, they’re very much linked. And, we know, via the law of attraction, that when you’re an energetic match to something is when it comes into your life, when it lines up for you.


So, this is why we need to be able to change our own energy, okay? So, when you know something that you want, you need to be able to bring yourself into a space of shifting your energy into having it, okay? So, in your business, if you want more success or prosperity, or if you want specific things, like more clients, more income, more impact, more visibility, marketing that feels good to you, and that is successful for you, or creating a social media presence, anything it is that you want has an energetic vibration.


Now, that vibration, that’s not going to change. That’s pretty much what it is. It is what it is. The thing that we can change is you and your vibration, and as humans, our vibration goes up and down, all around, and all over the place, but the more consistently we can find the vibration that’s close to what we want, or that’s aligned with what we want, the sooner we can start actually creating that and experiencing that in our lives.


So, what we work to do is shift out our own vibration, and part of that is raising our vibration. You know, generally, we want to raise it up, the higher the better, but we also want to tweak it, so that it’s precisely aligned with what it is that we want. And we do that by feeling into what it feels like to have whatever it is that we want.


The part where most people get tripped up is that they get the wanting part right. They know what they want, and that’s as far as it goes. Especially in business, it’s easy to get stuck in the trap of knowing what you want, “Well, I want more clients,” or, “I want more income,” or, “I want more time off. I want more freedom,” but until you actually do the energy work to shift into having that, you’re always going to stay in the wanting, and whenever you’re in a vibration of wanting, you’re literally attracting more, and more, and more of what you’ve got, of wanting, so the situation is not actually going to improve. It’s just going to amplify where you are.


So that’s where energy work is so powerful, because it will shift you out of the wanting, and into being able to have. So we want to shift into the having, okay? That’s where you’re lined up with what you want – if it’s more clients, if it’s more visibility, if it’s having people to help you, if it’s having a team, or having someone do your books, or even having someone clean your house. Whatever it is will free up your time, or increase money, whatever you’re wanting. We want to line up with the having, so we shift out of wanting and start lining up with having.


How quickly you can shift out of the wanting and into the having depends on how much resistance you have around whatever it is. You know, some things in life, we have no resistance around whatsoever, you know? “I want chocolate.” Well, I will go and have chocolate, you know? That’s pretty quick. The wanting and the having can be pretty quick. Or, you know, “I want a coffee.” Well, I’m going to go and have a coffee, you know? No resistance.


But what about “I want clients. I want more income. I want more impact. I want more visibility.” Those are the things that often, people feel more resistance around, because there’s a perception that they’re harder to have, or there’s a perception that it will take more work, or there’s a perception that it’ll be difficult, or you have to do all these crazy things, or you have to be someone who you’re not.


We’re all different in what we have more resistance to, but in business in general, a lot of women have resistance around a lot of things like finding clients, like being visible, like asking for money, being paid for the work that they do, about raising their profile, about what’s involved, and how much it’s going to ask of me, because let’s face it, we often have a lot of other priorities and demands on our time, and we can’t give all of our time to our business. It’s just not possible.


So, how fast you can shift from wanting something into having it is really what determines how quickly it’s going to come into your experience. So, what we want to do is take the wanting, okay we know what the wanting is. That’s somewhere here. We want to bring your energy into alignment with having it, okay?


Now, you can do this. You can start doing this, and the way I would recommend to start doing this is to start feeling into the energy of what it feels like to already have it, okay? So, if you do visualizations, or if you have a vision board, or meditating on what you want, those are all really good ways of starting to feel in. When you do it, make sure you’re really focusing on what it feels like to have it. We don’t want to do anything that accidentally amplify the not having. We want to amplify what it feels like to have it.


So what does it feel like to have a really successful business? What does it feel like to have prosperity and ease in your business and your life? What does it feel like to have clients, all the clients that you want or need? What does it feel like to have the income that you want in your business? What does it feel like to be visible, to be seen, and to have presence? What does it feel like to be an industry leader, or a thought leader, or whatever you want? You know, it’s your business. You’ve got to decide what you want, and then line up with it.


When I work with clients, I do work with them to shift and clear some resistance out. We just kind of want to bring that back down to an almost neutral place, and then start shifting into the what feels really good about having what you want. But you don’t have to do that. You can still make good progress on your own, even just feeling into the energy of what you want, okay?


So I hope that’s been helpful for you. Everything really is energy, and when you start to learn how to manage your energy and manage your vibration, it’s life changing what you can create for yourself. That’s why you need to be able to change your energy!


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