We all have areas of our lives that we wish were different. Perhaps we wish we had a better job, or that our business was going better than it is. Perhaps we wish for a new relationship, or a better experience in our current relationship. Perhaps we wish for a new home, or a new car, or a bigger bank balance.


And then, you know, we make our wish and just get on with life, and sometimes wonder why none of our wishes are coming true.


Sound familiar?


The thing is, we totally can have the new job, or the better business, or the new relationship or the new home, or the new car and yes, even the bigger bank balance. We can have all of that. So why don’t we?


The answer is our energy. Our vibration. Our patterns. Our thoughts and beliefs about what we can have (and what we can’t). And most of this happens waaayyy below the conscious level, so that even when we’re actively trying to create any of our ‘wishes’ in our life, it just doesn’t happen. Nothing seems to work. And even when you do get a change, you manage to sabotage your way back to where you were.


Like, the new job has the same issues as the old job. The better business isn’t sustainable and you fall back into old ways. The new relationship fizzles out. The improvements to an existing relationship were only temporary. The new home has the same issues as the old home. The new car ends up just as dirty as the old car. The bigger bank balance brings with it bigger expenses, so you’re no better off. And round and round you go.


What the flip?? Why does this happen?


It happens when we haven’t changed our underlying energy surrounding that thing we want.


See, we attract everything we experience into our life through our energetic vibration – we get back what we put out, via the Law of Attraction (or like attracts like). And you can do your affirmations til the cows come home and write your goals a hundred times a day, but if you’re not changing your energetic vibration around that thing you want, you’re not going to get it (at least not on a lasting, permanent basis).


But the great news is that you can change your energetic vibration! That’s why I love energy healing so much, as it works directly on the energetic level, meaning you can create fast, lasting, positive changes in your life. There are many ways to change your energetic vibration. A great place to start is with your general moods in your day to day life. You can raise your general energetic vibration, and create a shift to a more positive state (you need to do this to create positive change).


Some suggestions for simple ways to do this are:


  • Use essential oils to lift your mood
  • Go to a yoga class (or do yoga at home)
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Spend time playing with your kids (actual play!)
  • Read uplifting material every day
  • Drop one sneaky bad habit from your diet
  • Do a daily meditation


I know, you know all of these things already and you probably do half of them now anyway (go you!). So as I said these are the general things you can do to improve your vibration.


But what about when you want to get more specific, like say, you really do want that new job or that new relationship. You’ve been burning the oils and doing the yoga and still no joy. Then what do you do?


Then you need to work out what exactly is going on for that specific area of your life.


You need to do some deep digging within, to try and work out exactly where your energetic ‘block’ might be. Usually our energetic blocks, which are the things that keep us doing the same old thing time and again, are based on fears. So a great place to start is to ask the question, if I did get that great new job, or that new relationship, how might that feel scary? Or how might it negatively impact my life? You need to be really honest with yourself when you do this sort of inner work.

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