Being grounded is essential for spiritual growth. The more grounded you are, the higher you can go, spiritually and energetically. Not only that but being gBeing grounded is essential for spiritual growth. The more grounded you are, the higher you can go, spiritually, energetically. Not only that but being grounded is how we function as members of society – how we ‘get stuff done’, how we create money and income, how we pay for groceries and bills and houses. There is a strong emphasis on spiritual practice as working with the higher chakras – the Third Eye and Crown in particular. That needs to be balanced by a very strong Base chakra. If the base chakra is comparatively weak, a person will be ungrounded.


Why do we need to be grounded?

We need to be grounded so we can take care of the daily ‘stuff’ of life. Cleaning the house. Changing the sheets. Remembering to pay the phone bill on time. Creating the income we need to survive and thrive. Buying insurance. Remembering to eat lunch. Remembering where you put your keys. There is also the very helpful element that the more grounded you are, the higher you can go – energetically – in your spiritual practice, safely. This can greatly enhance your spiritual path and strengthen your higher connections even more.


Who is most likely to be ungrounded?

Those most likely to be ungrounded are people with a strong connection in their upper chakras – Crown and Third Eye chakras – but who are less developed in their lower energy centres – Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. These are often psychic types, clairvoyants, those who work with energy as energy healers or card readers. Also, look to your astrology to see how your birth chart may be affecting you – people with a strong air sign element in their birth chart can tend to be ungrounded – the ‘head in the clouds’ types. Finally, those who have experienced trauma and who have disassociated from their physical bodies may find it hard to be grounded, until the pain (emotional/mental/physical) has been healed.


Signs of an ungrounded person

Being ungrounded shows up in different ways. It appears as being clumsy and bumping into things, feeling spaced out or in a daze, losing hours to daydreaming. Spiritually ungrounded people may have a wealth of ideas and insights, received from Spirit through their higher chakra connections, but are unable to implement and bring through their ideas into physical creations. This may be in a business sense or everyday life. You might have a brilliant idea for a book, but if you are not grounded enough to sit down and write it, it is of no value. You may have an amazing business idea, but if you can’t bring it to life to help clients, it is of no value (check out my post Your Business & Your Base Chakra for more on this).


Being grounded as a spiritual practice

Grounding is not the sexy side of spiritual practice. But it is essential. Think of the energy that has been used in creating ourselves into physical bodies, only to then spend so much time trying to see beyond them anyway! Changing your mindset about what is ‘spiritual’ and what isn’t, is helpful. When you take an expanded view, everything in your life is spiritual. There is no separation of the spiritual from the ‘not-spiritual’. In this view then, washing dishes is a spiritual practice. Doing your taxes is a spiritual practice. Making meals from scratch is a spiritual practice. Working for an income is a spiritual practice. And as you start to see more and more areas of your life as ‘spiritual’, your relationship with those activities begins to transform, and they become areas of joy rather than obligations imposed on you.


How to go get grounded

If you are inclined to be ungrounded, you’re not alone. And thankfully it is easy to implement some daily routines to become more grounded. Here are some suggestions:

Incorporate grounding practice into your daily meditation – this could look like breathing into your base chakra, or visualising ‘roots’ flowing from your base, down into the earth. A few minutes of this in your meditation practice will help.

Use grounding essential oils – these are usually tree or root oils that have an earthy quality. Try diffusing Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood or Frankincense.

Some flower essences are excellent at helping to become grounded – including Clemantis, Star of Bethlehem (for trauma), Red Lily and Sundew.

Eat grounding foods. Proteins and foods that are red in colour will help to ground your energy.

Be outside. Go for a walk in nature, sit on the beach, and be in bare feet in you can. Try gardening and growing your own vegetables – this is a very grounding practice!

Yoga, especially a specific grounding practice. Working into the hips and legs will help to open these areas energetically and help you to be more grounded.

Be mindful! Throughout your day, check in with yourself and ask – am I grounded right now? Then spend a few moments breathing and sending your breath down, down into your base chakra, into your legs. Allow your body to open and relax, and move on with your day.

Make being grounded an intention for your day – and then follow any guidance you receive about how to bring that about, no matter how unrelated it may at first appear.


So go on! Strengthen that base chakra, light an incense, take some deep grounding breaths and go clean that house!


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