When you can't seem to get ahead financially no matter what you do, try this... use the Law of Attraction to turn your money situation around.You’ve got money regular money coming in. It’s pretty steady and consistent. By all accounts, you ‘should’ be able to live pretty comfortably – easily pay the bills, have spending money, go on the holidays you want – the only thing is, it never works out that way. In fact, despite money coming in pretty well, it always seems to go out just as well, leaving you struggling to keep up.


Does any of this sound familiar?


Here’s the thing. Like everything else in this magnificent world of ours, money is energy, and it responds to your vibration. That is, you attract it through your vibration. You attract it coming in and you attract it going out. Which is great when you’ve got a good money vibration going on and terrible when you’ve got a crappy money vibration going on.


If this is you, you’re not alone (it’s you and the majority of the people on the planet). But if you want your life to be different, then it’s worth taking a closer look to see what might be going on, and then make some ridiculously easy changes. Have a look at these scenarios and see what jumps out at you, as this will offer insight into where you need to make adjustments. And then start adjusting today, and every day (because believe me when I say, if there’s one area that needs consistent, persistent work to create lasting change, it’s around money).


Your money comfort level

Believe it or not, we all have an amount of money that we feel most ‘comfortable’ having. No matter what you do, you always seem to have this same amount of money. Even when you get a pay rise or make more money, your expenses seem to go up by the same amount, leaving you right back where you were. This is your money comfort level. It is usually a result of what we’ve grown up knowing or experiencing, which could be somewhere comfortable, or not. This number might be a positive number (if you consistently have money in the bank), it might be zero (if this is what you bank balance usually comes back to, or if your debts are roughly equal to your assets), or it might be a negative number (if you’re constantly in debt and can’t get out). Whatever your comfort number is, it is based in a pattern. Your job is to make sure that your pattern serves you!


Try this

You’ll want to figure out what you ‘money comfort number’ is (to do this, take the usual amount of money in your bank account, and subtract your usual amount of debt). Once you know what your number is, your job is to gradually raise it. Decide on what your new money comfort level is (for now), and condition yourself to having this amount. Visualise your bank account holding that much money. Say an affirmation: ‘I always have at least $XXX in my bank account now’, and ‘I am comfortable having $XXX in my bank account all the time’, and ‘I easily have $XXX at all times now’.


Pro tip

Be aware of any other bank accounts or money stashed away that you have, and add this amount to your desired bank balance. We don’t want you going backwards now! (I did that; aren’t you lucky that I test everything I teach on myself first?).


Your beliefs about what you can and can’t have

No matter how much you may want what you say you want, if you don’t truly believe that you can have it, you can’t. The Universe simply cannot bring you something that you’re not in alignment with having, and if you believe you ‘can’t’ have something, you’re not in alignment with it. This level of belief may not be operating at a conscious level, it may be lingering just below the surface and out of sight, but holding you where you are nonetheless.


If you want to have financial wealth but you don’t believe you can have it, nothing you do will help you create it, until you deeply believe that you can be wealthy. Likewise, if you harbour resentments at other people who do have what you want, especially when you see them going about their merry wealthy lives, then you’re equally messing up your own energy around wealth. Don’t resent; appreciate.


Try this

If you sense that your beliefs are preventing you from having the financial situation that you desire, say an affirmation morning and night, and any time of the day that you think of it, and make it your new belief. You literally want to re-program your mind to take on a new belief (and no, you don’t have to clear out the old one, you just don’t want to feed it anymore). Yes, it will take time. Is it worth it? Um, well, how much longer are you planning on being on the planet? I’d say it’s worth it, so be prepared to spend, oh let’s say the rest of your life practising your new beliefs. Here’s a few to get you started (or make up your own):


I believe I can have financial wealth

I am allowed to be wealthy

I give myself permission to have lots of money

I can have what I want

Being wealthy makes me a better/kinder/more generous person


Focusing on what you haven’t got

If you never feel like you have enough money, then via the Law of Attraction, all you will ever attract into your experience is ‘not enough money’. And so, the treadmill of just keeping up continues – on, and on, and on, no matter what you try to do about it. And just when you feel like you’re on top of it, that you finally have some money to do those things you want to do – something happens that means you have to spend your money again! Like, you have a minor car accident and have to pay for the damage. Or you break your phone and have to get a new one. Or you get a speeding ticket. Or you have to take your cat to the vet, or your kid needs doctor visits… you get the idea, right? Life happens, again. And you’re right back where you were, again – just breaking even. Want to know why? It’s because you’re focused on not having enough, so you consistently attract situations that ensure that you never have enough. It sucks, but you can change it easily.


Try this

You want to flip your thinking on your situation, and put 100% of your focus on what you DO HAVE already. And let your appreciation for all that you have be what you think about and speak about. Appreciate your home, and be grateful that you get to pay for it. Appreciate your phone, and your heating, and your car that you get to drive around in, and all the groceries you get to buy, and the insurance that protects your future, and be grateful for how much you have now. And then, when you’re feeling good about how much you already have, drop in some new affirmations like ‘I always have more than enough money’ and ‘I can easily pay for everything and have plenty left over’ and ‘I love how easy it is to have the things I want’ and ‘saving money comes naturally to me’ and ‘money flows so easily into my life’ and so on (feel free to make up your own).




As with all manifesting, there are some basic ground rules to remember about the process. In short, don’t take score! You will start to notice things shifting in your experience, most likely with extra money that just seems to ‘stay put’ in your bank account. It’s important to simply allow this to happen, without stressing about timelines, deadlines or the dreaded ‘is it working yet’ thing. Don’t do that. Trust that it’s working. And then, chill out and have fun. Relax. You’re doing fine. The money’s there. It’s all good. You’ve got this. Your only work is to feel good now..… now….. now..… now..… now….. now you keep going! And if you’re still not sure, remember this. What you’ve been doing up until now hasn’t worked, so it’s worth a shot at focusing on what you want, deciding you already have it (pretending is fine), and getting happy while it happens. Really not such a bad trade-off, is it?



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