So here we are under Mercury retrograde once again! For anyone who isn’t quite sure what that’s about, it’s when the zippy little planet Mercury appears (to us) to be going backwards. Mercury is the planet that governs communications, and when it enters into retrograde, all sorts of miscommunications, travel delays and technology issues seem to happen. And because of the supposed ‘backward’ energy, there’s a lot of hype out there about all the things you shouldn’t do under Mercury retrograde.


Pfft to the ‘should’!


(Always, not just under Mercury retrograde.)


Let me say upfront that I’m not an astrologer. But I do work with energy, and in my own astrological chart, I have a lot of Mercury energy going on (I’m a Gemini sun and a Gemini rising, Gemini being the sign ruled by Mercury). So when the zippy little planet heads backwards, I feel it pretty hard. But for that, I have learned how to manage this energy and use it to my advantage, instead of trying to wait it out for it to be all over again!


So here’s what I know about using Mercury retrograde to your advantage and learning to thrive under this energy.


Traditionally, it is said that you should never enter into agreements or sign contracts under Mercury retrograde as there is a greater chance than usual that they will end up changing, being altered or re-negotiated or even falling through than contracts signed when Mercury is headed direct. But I’m calling this one out and here’s why.


In my opinion, Mercury retrograde is the BEST time to sign contracts and agreements, as it leaves scope for YOU re-negotiate or make changes if YOU need to. There’s a big fear energy attached to trying to control events, to lock in contracts, especially when people delay signing or making agreements until Mercury retrograde is over. And the only thing fear energy creates is more fear energy.


So instead of trying to control outcomes, I suggest finding a place of trust in the flow of your life, and that if contracts or agreements do present themselves under Mercury retrograde, then perhaps there is a reason for that. Who knows what unexpected events life will throw at us? Maybe we will decide to pack up and move to the other side of the country, and want to get out of a contract. Maybe an opportunity for a better deal comes along. Maybe if you sign an employment contract, it will be renegotiated up for you. Who knows? What I do know is that trusting in your life path, and staying with the flow of your life, is always better than trying to control outcomes from a place of fear.


Let me give you an example from my own life. I once took a job in a very small town, where there was really only one employer (for me). It took me a few weeks to find a place to live there, but I eventually signed a 12-month lease on a little townhouse – under Mercury retrograde. Now, turns out I stayed with that employer for only 9 months. And I was able to end my lease early with no consequences at all, it was just very easy and straightforward. Here’s the thing. At the start, I had been getting frustrated that it was taking some time to find a place, and then Mercury went retrograde. And then I found a place. And 9 months later, I was the one who needed to change the agreement, otherwise I would have been stuck in this town with no job to see out my lease, or leave and have to keep paying rent on a place I wasn’t living in. Mercury retrograde brings blessings that are not always obvious, but they are there.


Mercury retrograde is also the best time to catch up on life – things that you’ve let slide, emails you haven’t sent, unfinished projects you have on the go, paperwork and tax to be filed, anything that you’ve moved on from without completing. It’s like the Universe is handing you time and space to go back and revisit what still needs doing. So use this energy to help you, and go back and tidy up loose ends. It’s really not a great time to be pushing forward, more a time of slowing down, catching up on life and reviewing what you’ve been up to for the past 3 months or so. I like to think of it like tidying up or decluttering, making space for when life speeds up again once Mercury goes direct once more. Again, a super helpful energy when you work with it and not against it!


And then there’s the communications haywire that can happen. Mixed messages, miscommunications, travel plans going awry, technology not working right when you need it – all that good juicy Mercury retrograde stuff. But what can this energy teach us? Perhaps it can help us to let go of control, to go with the flow, to learn how to keep our own energy balanced and aligned despite what might be going on around us? To lighten up a bit, take life less seriously, to step away from our work and go sit under a tree for 5 minutes instead? Make what you will of it, but delays and mishaps under Mercury retrograde are a perfect opportunity for us all to practice letting go of expectations and trying to control outcomes. A reminder that we are all part of a much greater force and that sometimes, as much as we might resist it, we’re actually better off surrendering to that force and seeing where it takes us.


The thing is, Mercury is never really going backwards, it just appears that way to us. So even though it might feel like life is stalling, or not working out how you want, or you feel delayed or confused, remember that you are still moving forward. In fact, you might just be exactly where you need to be, right now. Enjoy your Mercury retrograde!


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