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You know how important it is to take action in your business. But are you taking the right action? No, I’m not talking about the latest marketing trend or the world’s best converting funnel. I’m talking about actions that are right for you and your business. Actions that are in alignment with what you’re wanting to create and the results that you want to see in your business.


So first up not all action is the same, so there is action that’s in alignment with what you’re wanting to create. There is action that is not in alignment with what you’re wanting to create. What’s the difference? The difference is that action that’s in alignment is going to lead to results, it’s going to get you where you want to be. Because you’re feeling into the energy of what you want first and then taking action in that space, that will bring you the results in that space. When you’re out of alignment, you’re not tuned into the energy of what you’re wanting to create. So the actions that you take aren’t the actions that lead to where you want to be, they’re actions that are going to lead to wherever you still are, which is essentially why entrepreneurs often end up spinning their wheels and not getting anywhere and not getting results in their business.


There’s taking aligned action or action that’s not in alignment. So with that being said how do you know if actions in alignment or if it’s not? The way you can tell is by how it feels, so if it feels really good to you, if it feels like exciting or fun, or it’s almost like you’re just called to do it. It’s just like the most obvious next step, and you just have to do it. Even if it’s not necessarily the most logical thing, that’s aligned action, it feels fun. It feels like energy is just flowing through you, it feels like it’s almost creating itself. It’s like connected to your bigger vision, it’s like part of your plan. It’s taking actions that are inspiring and exciting, and fun, okay that’s aligned action.


Action that is not aligned then feels heavy, it feels kind of boring and it feels like something you have you, not something you want to do. It feels like an obligation, it feels like a burden. So can you feel even just as I’m saying those different words, the different energies that are flowing there? So check in with yourself and think about the actions you’re taking in your business. Are they aligned actions? Does it feel really good? Does it feel exciting and are you happy doing it? Or is it feeling like – meh? Does it feel like a burden? Is it just feeling like another have to, another thing on your list of things to do, that’s just a mile long and it’s not really getting you anywhere? So check in with yourself, only you are going to know the difference.


Which brings me to my next point, which is how do you get into alignment to get aligned actions? So the way you do that is by feeling into your desires, feeling into what it is that you want to create and what that feels like. So what is it that you’re wanting to create in your business? Is it a general feeling of success? Is it more specific things like more clients, or more income? Or attracting people for a group program? Or launching a new product, or service? What is it that you’re wanting? What’s your goal? What’s your outcome that you’re wanting to create? Then feel into what feels good about that. Why do you want that? Why? What’s in it for you? What’s in it for your clients and your customers? So what feels good about it? Does it feel prosperous? Does it feel like you’re helping people? Does it feel like your business is thriving? Does it feel like you’re living your purpose or your dream? Does it feel like you’re having an impact? Does it feel fun? Does it feel uplifting and inspiring? Are you excited for it? Like how does it feel to have achieved that now?


So that’s the energy you want to feel into first and from that space then allow the actions to flow through. So we’re not doing action first, we’re doing energy first then action. So it’s a really different way of operating from probably what we’ve been trained to do. You know logically think things through and then think about what’s the next logical step. But we want to flip that model and say, well what does the energy feel like? What does it feel like when I have what I want and let the actions, lead you there. It’s almost like dropping breadcrumbs on a path, this action, and this action, and this action, okay? So they’re not always the most logical action, when we’re working with energy we’re not working with logic. Although it can come in, but it’s not our main goal. We’re working with what feels like alignment, what feels like it’s going to get you there.


So open yourself up to what potential actions can come through for you when you get into a space of alignment. If you’d like some help finding alignment in your business you can access my mini-course, Aligned Business Breakthrough, which is a five day course designed to help you feel into the energy of what you’re wanting to create. Designed to get you into alignment and every single day there’s a simple action that you take. So you’ve got 24 hours to take an action that’s in alignment and start to build some momentum with taking aligned actions in your business. Start seeing how that creates different outcomes for you. You can find the course here.

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