Here’s the thing – energetic blocks are like having an invisible force around you, holding you back from doing the very things that would be most empowering and positive for you, and they can be super powerful when you’re starting or growing your business. They are literally blocks, or barriers, in whatever form you have created them to be (yes, we create our own blocks, crazy huh?).


I’ve had clients describe their energetic blocks as ropes tied around their feet preventing them from taking steps forward, as ropes coiled around their solar plexus region blocking their confidence and self-worth, as cave-like spaces inside them filled with unhealed emotional pain keeping them stuck in the past, as shields or barriers around their heart to protect themselves from being hurt, and so many more – the blocks are so individual and specific to each person.


Energetic blocks are put in place at some stage in our life to protect us from something painful or harmful, or to keep us safe in some way. These blocks are a product of the subconscious mind and they’re not logical or rational at all! Often, these blocks are rooted in wanting to fit in and keep other people happy. They start forming in childhood especially, and that’s when we’re learning our place in our family and in the world and how we fit in and what keeps us safe – which might be keeping quiet, keeping out of the way (being invisible), trying to make other people happy, all sorts of things that a child might do to control their environment. Remembering also that as children, we don’t have the objective adult-view of the world.


So how do you recognise when energetic blocks are at play in your own life? Thankfully they’re pretty easy to identify once you’re aware of them. They show up as all sorts of self-sabotaging behaviours and they’re usually a pattern – that’s when the same situation keeps happening in your life over and over again, even if the people involved are different.


Here are some examples of how energetic blocks can show up in your business:

  • you consistently attract clients who like what you do but who don’t want to pay you, that indicates an energetic block to attracting the clients who will pay you and most likely blocks around your self-worth and the value you bring through your business.
  • you’re struggling to actually start your business, and you’ve been dreaming and planning it, and dreaming and planning it but not actually taking action, that indicates that there are energetic blocks that are stopping you from moving forward with your business.
  • you’ve bought online courses and not finished them, which is often a sign of energetic blocks because as at some point in the course, you’re hitting your ‘invisible wall’ and that’s as far as you go, until that invisible wall has been cleared.
  • you have fears around speaking up and being seen and heard, so you avoid promoting and marketing your business, which means you’re not able to attract the clients you need to sustain your business.
  • you might be busy taking care of everyone else in your life (family, kids, bosses, co-workers, clients) that you don’t have time to take care of yourself and your business, so you simply never have the time to work on it – this is usually a block around boundaries and what you say yes or no to.


More generally, energetic blocks show up as things like procrastination, as low self confidence or low self esteem, as feeling stuck and not sure what the next step is and that’s a consistent pattern for you, if you’re worried about what other people will think or if they will judge you, if you’re worried about things like money or that no-one will want to work with you or pay you, if you’re overwhelmed easily, and if you’re frustrated with where you are in your life and your business but you can’t seem to take the consistent action to change your situation.


The great news is that we can clear energetic blocks! As an energy healer and a coach I work with women to clear energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding them back in their business, and what I consistently find with my clients (and what I experienced myself) is that when the blocks are cleared, it becomes easy to take action to move forward in your business. The feeling of being ‘stuck’ disappears and you gain clarity over the things you need to do to move forward. And when you consistently take the steps to grow your business, you can create the business and the lifestyle that you dream of. The only person stopping you, is you.


So, what’s truly holding you back from reaching your entrepreneurial goals?


Feeling stuck in your business? Not sure what to do next? Ready for a breakthrough but no idea how to make it happen? I hear you. Grab my 5-day Aligned Business Breakthrough mini course and get unstuck. A powerful combination of energy alignment and action-taking will have you doing a happy dance in no time!

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