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What even is life purpose? Do you believe that you have a purpose? Do you believe that you came here to do something that you haven’t done yet, or that you are doing now? Perhaps you are actually living your life purpose now.


I know that for a lot of us who are there at the moment, there’s a strong, almost calling, or an urge, or a feeling like, “I need to be doing something more,” and it’s almost like there’s a sense of urgency about it. And, so many of us have been conditioned to, when we feel that, to write that off as just fanciful kind of nonsense, and don’t worry about that, and just get on with your job, and you know, focus on what’s in front of you, and be sensible, and blah blah blah.


So many of us feel that, if we were to follow our purpose, or our calling, that it’s almost like life as we know it might unravel a little bit, you know? So much of the stability and the structure that we have in place comes from security, and from things like jobs, and from keeping the status quo, and not rocking the boat. Yet so often, what we’re called to do challenges all of those things, which is why we’re now seeing so many women stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, and stepping into training, and healing, and teaching, and coaching, and all of these ways of helping other people, because they’re following their calling and their purpose.


And, we are in such an amazing time where we can do that, because of the wonders of the technology we have available to us now, that we can reach people all over the world, whereas before, we might have been limited to our local area. And to be honest, we probably wouldn’t have even considered doing work like this, because it was almost too far from the normal, you know?


So, as technology has changed, we’ve been able to expand into doing new work, and into creating entirely new paradigms of living, and often, that can create conflict with other people in our lives. So, often when we do start to follow a sense of a life purpose or a calling, it can really challenge people around us, and often, that’s a big thing that can hold us back. So where we feel a calling in ourselves, but we know that we’re going to be challenged by those around us, or it could upset those around us, or it could hurt those around us, or they might feel worried about us.


There’s this kind of competing interests, and we’ve got our own calling that we want to follow, and then there’s keeping the balance and the harmony in our relationships with others, and you know, wherever that exists, it creates a tension. And at some point, you have to decide that you will, if that’s what you want to do, to follow your life purpose, because that’s where true fulfillment is found, okay?


Anything that’s involved around keeping other people happy is never fulfilling for us. Fulfilment comes from following our passions, following our heart, doing what it is that we want to do, making the difference that we came here to make, following our life purpose.


How do you know what your life purpose is? Life purpose tends to show up as desire, so the things that you’re drawn to do, the things that you feel really excited about, or really passionate about, or the people you really want to help, or the causes you really want to support, or the things you really want to do.


If you want to go traveling, and that’s your life purpose, maybe that actually is your life purpose. Maybe your purpose is something around showing others that you can be free, and you can create a life of freedom. Maybe your purpose is around healing, and helping others to heal themselves. Or maybe your purpose is around coaching, and helping people in that way, or teaching, on any subject. Anything that’s of interest to you. Honestly, it’s following the things that light you up, and that make you happy, that is where you’ll find your purpose.


And, for so many of us, that was trained out of us at an early age, because we were told, “Well, that’s all nice to have things that make you happy, but this is what you have to do to survive in the world. This is what you have to deal with. You know, it doesn’t matter if it makes you happy or not. This is what you have to do.” So there’s quite a bit of undoing of some programming involved, to really allow yourself to follow your path, follow your purpose.


Often there’s some resistance that comes up around following life purpose, and we’ve talked a little bit about resistance that comes from wanting to keep other people happy, but there’s also resistance around, “Am I good enough for that? Who am I to do that?” You know? It might be that we see someone else doing something, and we think, “Wow, I would love to do that,” but then this little voice chimes in and says, “Oh, you couldn’t do that. You don’t have the … this, this, this, this, this,” or whatever it is that you need, or you’re not qualified enough, or you’re not smart enough, or you’re not young enough, or old enough, or pretty enough, or skinny enough, or whatever it might be.


It’s like our mind throws up all these reasons why we couldn’t possibly follow our life purpose, and the beauty of the path of life purpose, of following that path, is expanding into the person you really are by shifting all of that, all of those limitations and all of those resistances on the path. You can shift through all of them, and as you do, you expand into much more powerful version of who you are. Not only is that beneficial for you, but you are a trailblazer for other people. You light the path for other people to do the same, and it is such a powerful, powerful gift to bring to the world, when you do decide to follow your purpose.


And yes, that is contradictory to what so many of us have been taught to believe, but truly, we did come here to be happy. We did come here to be fulfilled. We did come here to live a life that we want to live, and create the life that we want to create, and the only person who ever stops us from doing that is us, and as soon as we get out of our own way and start allowing ourselves to have the life we want, and to follow our purpose, the happier we become and the better off we become.


So, my challenge to you today is what is the very next thing you can do in your life to help you on the path of your life purpose? Do you know what your life purpose is? Perhaps you need to spend some time digging into what it feels like, or perhaps you already know, and you are on the path, and you’re ready for the next step, but I challenge you to start taking that step today.

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