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Today I’m chatting about what to do when you find yourself out of alignment. So most of the time I’m talking about being in alignment with what you want and getting your energy flowing really well to what you and feeling really good, and being in a good-feeling place about what you want, mostly in your business, but also in your life in general.


But what happens when you’re just not there? When you’re out of alignment, and you just can’t seem to get back there? This video is aimed more at those people who are usually in a fairly steady place of alignment. It’s not so much for the people who are not yet there, but there will be another video for that, don’t worry.


So what is being in alignment? What is this alignment that I’m always talking about? It’s when what you want feels wonderful. It feels so good, and you’re working on what you want, and you’re feeling really good about what you’re creating in your business or in your life. It’s like your energy is flowing positively forward and things start to happen for you. Things start to line up. People start contacting you to work with you or clients seem to pop out of the air or sales are increasing. Things that you want are just dropping into place, and it feels good. Usually, when we are in that space, we’re feeling confident, we’re feeling sure, we’re feeling steady, we’re feeling worthy. We’re just feeling really good.


When you find yourself for whatever reason falling out of alignment, and it happens from time to time, it happens for everyone, most important thing is to just be aware of it and be able to get yourself back into alignment. When we’re out of alignment it feels really uncomfortable! The more time you spend being in alignment, and you’re used to feeling good and feeling confident, when you find yourself out of alignment it feels even more uncomfortable. It’s like your tolerance level for things not feeling good is low.


It shows up as things like nothing seems to work, like uncomfortable situations are happening, things are not working out how you wanted, calls don’t go how you think they should, or sales aren’t coming through like you want. All of those things that we don’t want, that’s what starts showing up. And that’s always an indicator of things are out of alignment right now. The feeling side of that is lacking in confidence, feeling worried, feeling anxious, all those icky-feeling things. So rather than just push them away and pretend they are not there what we really want to do is acknowledge that, oh s*&t, that’s actually how I’m feeling right now. And from that space, you can start to do something about it, which is what I really want to talk to you about.


So what do you do when you find yourself in that not-good-feeling place, and you really don’t want to be there, and you want to get back into your good-feeling place? How do you get there? The first thing always is awareness. So just always be aware of how you’re feeling and how you’re flowing your energy and what’s showing up in your life. If it’s what you want then it’s generally a sign that you’re in alignment, but when things are not quite right, and you’re not feeling 100% on your game, and you’re feeling a bit unsure or unsteady that’s kind of like your warning bells.


If you can catch it in those early stages of being just a bit off then that’s better than letting it grow to becoming a full-on, oh my god, I’m freaking out, nothing’s working, this is feeling horrible, I’m feeling really anxious, and all those things. So awareness of where you’re at and what your energy is doing is really important.


The way you know what your energy is doing is by your thoughts. You can only think thoughts that are the same wavelength as what your energy is vibrating at, so when you’re feeling thoughts that are anxious or worrisome in any way that’s such a big indicator that you slipped a bit and you need to bring yourself back up.


So the next thing would be to withdraw your attention from whatever it is that’s feeling not so good. If it’s something in your business, or if it’s something in your personal life, it doesn’t really matter what it is, whatever it is in your life that’s feeling not great – don’t keep thinking about it! Don’t keep going there. Don’t try and fix it. Don’t try and solve it. Just fully withdraw your attention from it and think about something that feels better, and that can be anything.


It’s usually a good idea to just go general with it and find something really easy to feel a bit good about, because what we’re wanting to do is pull the momentum back from anything that’s not good. Start to shift and create a positive momentum into something that does feel good, even if it’s not specifically related to what the issue’s about, and it’s better if it’s not. It’s really hard to shift a strong, negative momentum into a positive, so you’re better just dropping the negative one completely. Letting it go and finding something new to focus on. That will send the reverberations through every part of your life. And so that’s how you bring yourself back up for everything.


So what do I mean by that? It would mean focusing on something really general that you like, like if you like having picnics in the park think about having picnics in the park. Maybe even take yourself down and have a picnic in the park. If you like going out and playing with your animal or catching up with a friend whatever it is you like to do, maybe think about doing that. You know if you just want to chill out on the couch and watch a movie do that. Burn some candles. Light an incense. Take a bath. Whatever it is that will just be a general nice-feeling thing for you to do that’s the most important thing that you can be doing for yourself.


When you get into that really yucky-feeling place, or you’re feeling like momentum is going in a negative way the most important thing you can do for yourself is to stop it and come back and start to find a good-feeling thing again, so whatever it takes. It’s self-care, and in some respects, it might feel selfish at first when you start doing this, but it’s not, because it’s the best thing you can do for yourself, and for your business, and for your life, and for everybody else in your life. It’s to start flowing the positive energy again.


So for me what I would do is in my mind when I feel like there’s a negative momentum building it’s like, okay, stop right there. Think about being in a pine forest. That’s my favorite place to be so for me, in my mind that’s where I am. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around me that’s where I am. That tends to almost instantly shift me into a place of being open and just letting it go and just being free again instead of having that uptight, wound-up, anxious energy. It’s like, ‘ahh’ instantly, instant relief.


The more you can focus on something that feels better, even if it’s just in your mind without doing anything about it, you’ll start to shift your energy almost immediately. You want to spend a few minutes, five minutes, spend ten minutes, whatever it takes, focusing on something else. So that’s essentially it. It’s easy, but it’s not. Or not always so easy in practice, put it that way. It’s something that takes a bit of skill to be able to be aware when things aren’t flowing well and to be able to bring yourself back and shift your focus onto something more positive. From a more general positive-feeling place, you can keep building a new positive momentum, and then you can come back to whatever was not feeling so good, and you’re feeling totally differently about it.


Everything will react to you totally differently when you’re feeling good. Okay, so that’s that whatever your energy you’re bringing to a situation is what you’re going to receive back. So when you’re bringing an energy of sort of worrisome, anxious, uptight, well that’s what’s going to come back to you. Whereas when you’re bringing confidence and feeling good and flowing and things are working out for me, that’s what’s going to come back to you.


It’s up to us to make sure that we’re the ones flowing our energy towards what we want and just taking our attention away from anything we don’t want. So that’s it. Trust in the process. Always trust in the process, because it is a process and it takes practice, and it takes seeing it in action really to get an understanding of how powerful it is, lining up your energy instead of just trying to bumble our way through things and push and force and make things happen. That’s such an ineffective path.


So to recap what you want to do if you’re out of alignment: Stop. Do not focus on whatever’s not feeling good. Bring it back. Focus on something general. Look in a different direction. Find something that feels really good. Focus on that. Be in that energy and stay there for as long as you can.


As you practice this over time, you’ll find it’s actually quite easy to shift really quickly from being out alignment back into alignment. It does take practice though so good luck practicing. I hope that you don’t have to practice very much. I hope you’ll just be staying in alignment, but for those moments when you do drop out this is a really good way to get yourself back.

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