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As your coach, my job is not to fix your life or to wave a magic wand over it to make it exactly how you want it to be. Mostly because I can’t, and even if I could, it wouldn’t empower you to create your own version of a wonderful life.

And that’s what I’m all about. Empowering women to create a life that they truly love where they are thriving and happy.

What I will do as your coach is help you to gain the clarity you need to move forward from where you are and support you in taking the actions necessary to create positive change in your life.

My gift is that of insight, and as your coach, I hold up a mirror for you to see exactly why and how your life is as it is. Armed with that knowledge, you then get to make new decisions that take your life in a new direction.

As your coach, I will teach you how to create your life using the Law of Attraction, so that you fully understand why and how everything in your life shows up as it does, and empowers you to create differently if what you’re getting isn’t what you want.

If you are currently feeling confused, overwhelmed, stuck or stressed and you know you need to make a change, I can help you to shift you into a place of feeling empowered and making the positive changes you need to make.

Clarity, peace, happiness, moving forward – these are not something for ‘one day’. These are available to you right now. I invite you to apply for a Discovery Session with me to chat about how I can help you create this in your own life starting now.




How does it work? My coaching method is centred around three elements.

ONE: I bring immense clarity to areas of your life that are confusing, overwhelming, stuck, stressful, unhealthy, unhelpful and otherwise not how you want them to be. I help you to see clearly how you have created this for yourself, and give you the tools and techniques to change your life.

TWO: I help you find relief from negative emotions – calming any worry, anxiety, panic, stress fear, overwhelm or any other negative emotion you may be experiencing, and restoring you to a sense of peace, calm, trust, well-being and an attitude of ‘I can handle this’ for yourself.

THREE: I help you to shift your energy and your mindset – your thoughts and beliefs – and decide on new actions you can take and new decisions you can make to move your life forward in a positive direction, and I support you in following through and taking the action.



You can’t get to new places in life doing the same things you’ve always done.


Coaching with me is for you if:
  • You have patterns that are repeating over and over in your life, and you’re ready to finally change that.
  • You are ‘stuck’ and can’t see how to create the life that you want – nothing ever works for you.
  • You have tried other programs or coaching before and not got the results that you were dreaming of.
  • You feel intuitively drawn to working with me, even if you don’t know exactly why.
  • You are ready to drop the stories and excuses and commit to changing your life (it’s easier than you think).

Coaching with me is not for you if:
  • You believe that someone or something else is to blame for your life being how it is.
  • You want someone to listen to your story about why you don’t have what you want.
  • You are not willing to be uncomfortable – either in feeling strong emotions or taking new actions.
  • You are waiting for that one thing that is going to change everything for you.
  • You want to manifest a million dollars while sitting on the couch in your trackies (or yoga pants).

What areas do I coach in?

I keep my coaching fairly broad as I work with the Law of Attraction – I can easily see how you’ve attracted your current situation and how you can change it – and I guide you to attract and create the life that you really want, which is 100% about shifting your energy and your thoughts and beliefs. If you’ve been hanging out where you are for a while, you’re going need help to change, as you’ll have a strong momentum holding you where you are. I’m here to help you! Click on the headings below to find out more about each of these areas.

Starting and growing your own business is no joke. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as in the process, you’re likely to come up against your own ‘stuff’ (limiting beliefs, patterns of avoidance, lacking confidence, needing direction etc) not to mention the myriad of ways to actually create and run your business. I hit glass wall after glass wall myself when I was starting out in my business, and nothing changed until I shifted my energy, cleared some powerful blocks and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back and started truly living the Law of Attraction in creating business success. It worked. And I can help you to make it work for you too, while you create the business that is exactly right for you, attract clients that you love and who love you, and create the income that you need or want from your business. I have used the Law of Attraction every step of the way in creating and growing my business, and you can too.

This is where the same situations keep showing up over and over in your life. You don’t get along with your boss, so you find a new job only to discover that – you don’t get along with your boss. Or you’ve had relationship after relationship with the same patterns repeating, and you’re ready to quit the struggle and find a lasting, healthy, supportive relationship. Or you’ve tried to make healthier changes in your life, in your exercise and what you eat, but nothing ever lasts and you seem to be stuck in a health trap. These are all just telling you that you have a strong momentum – a strong energetic pattern in place, that is keeping you in your current situations – even if the people and the details change, the overall situation doesn’t. We will work together to clear any underlying blocks and create a new energetic pattern for you, and build momentum for what you do want in your life so that you can attract in the life that you dream of.

Your self-confidence and self-esteem are so important in creating any level of success for yourself in life, yet so many people suffer from low confidence and self-esteem. I know I did. It holds you back from believing you can have what you want, it holds you back from asking for what you want and need, it keeps you playing small and hidden and it serves no-one. To sum it up, it’s really shit. I will work with you to shift your beliefs about yourself and do any energy work necessary to bring out the radiant, glowing, confident version of yourself that is ready to rock this world. Here’s a tip before we even get started – the fastest way to feel amazing about yourself and your life is to stop giving a damn what anyone else on this planet thinks about you. Even your mum. You’re welcome.

If you’re starting to wonder if there’s more to life than meets the eye… If you’re curious about spiritual awakening but feel weird talking about spiritual stuff with the (rational, logical) people in your world… If you’re living two lives – privately ‘spiritual’ and publicly ‘normal’ – and you’d like help integrating all of you into how you show up in the world… If you’re worried about what other people around you will say if you reveal your more spiritual side… If you’ve started experiencing spiritual energies or shifts or other experiences and you have no frame of reference for them and need support… If you’ve experienced an awakening of any kind and your world feels like it’s totally changed, and no-one understands what you’re starting to know and you have no-one to talk to about it… If you want to explore your own version of spirituality that isn’t all about being a bohemian-gypsy-crystal-covered-dancing-under-the-full-moon-ritual-goddess type of thing (nothing wrong with that of course)… I’m here for you. I had my own profound and sudden spiritual awakening and remember all too well the feeling lonely and isolated and really unsure how to integrate this new ‘me’ into my world. I would be honoured to support you in your spiritual path if you feel called.  

Transitions – making changes – sometimes wanted and welcomed, sometimes not. Navigating change in life can be tricky. Especially when you have a lot of fear or doubt about it. Am I doing the right thing? Is this the right choice for me? How do I know this will work out for me? There are more questions than there are answers most of the time. I will work with you to confidently make choices about the direction of your life and help you to keep your energy high and in alignment with the new life you’re wanting to experience. Working with me through your transitions will help instil a deep sense of trust in the ebbs and flows of life. I will also recommend additional resources that can support you such as essential oils and flower essences. Handled well, change and transitions can be joyful and filled with positive expectations and excited optimism for the future. I can help you to achieve this.

Money and debt are perhaps the most resistant areas in life for most people, and understandably so – the predominant attitude and belief towards money on this planet is that there isn’t enough and most people have been conditioned to a strong lack mentality. The Law of Attraction has probably been most used to create abundance, and most of the time has not worked as people have not understood the energy behind their thoughts and actions. Trying to manifest money from a place of lack will only create more lack. Working with you in this way, we will identify your current patterns (I’m willing to bet you have a comfortable number for both debt and money in the back, and you don’t deviate too much from these) and then pinpoint exactly what it is that you want your situation to be instead. Vaguely saying ‘I want more money’ is not enough to get the Law of Attraction working for you – in fact, that statement is a strong vibration of not having money and will only bring you more of the same. The only way to attract more money is to be holding the vibration of already having more money – but how do you do that, when your bank account hasn’t changed? I will work with you one on one to establish a new energetic vibration around money, so you can finally experience a new and more abundant life, while allowing money to flow into your experience.



“I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Jacqui, from the outset she was caring, genuine, very warm and wise. I felt that she genuinely cared and wanted to guide me and coach me through and along my journey. Jacqui was completely there throughout and her knowledge, wisdom and kindness shone through. After the session, I felt so positive and that has not stopped since, I would not hesitate to book another session, it was amazing.”  

Tilda Vaughan, Life Performance Coach



Ready to Take Action? Let’s Make This Happen!

I offer coaching packages of varying lengths to suit your needs and your budget. This work is one on one, you and me, and we work intensively on you and how you’re showing up in your life, and shifting you and your energy and mindset to be in alignment with all that you want to be, or do, or have. When you are being it, you will naturally start doing it, and when you start doing it, you will naturally have it. The first step is to apply for a Discovery Session with me to chat about where you’re at, and see if and how I can help you move forward.

In this session, we’ll pinpoint how you’re attracting your current circumstances into your life and we’ll identify what you need to do to change what you’re attracting. You’ll have instant clarity over why things are the way they are for you and you’ll be able to decide the exact next step to take. By the end of our session, you’ll feel calm, positive, inspired and most importantly have clarity over what to do next.

Interested? Click here to answer a few quick questions letting me know more about you now and I’ll get back to you personally within 48 hours.