Just in case you’re wondering what an alignment coach does exactly!


Alignment is where we work together to align your energy to what you’re wanting to create in your business and in your life. When you’re in alignment with something, that means there is no resistance, no blocks to having that thing that you want. Things like booking new clients, having your business setup in place, setting or raising your prices, attracting your ideal client, and how you want your life to look and feel.


How soon your desired outcome manifests for you once you’re aligned to it is not something we can control, but indicators and results tend to show up fairly quickly once you align, and sometimes immediately.


To get into alignment then, we almost always need to clear out energetic blocks or limiting beliefs that are holding you out of alignment with what you want. Often this is the result of fears (usually subconscious) that we hold around having what we want, or the programming we’ve had in our life that is not in alignment with the life we now want.


I work hand in hand with you to identify these blocks right at the source and clear them out energetically, and help you to anchor into the energy you want to create and experience, that is in alignment with what you want.


When we do this work, life changes. We find it easier to take the actions we need to take, or we suddenly know just what we need to do whereas before we felt confused and unsure. It doesn’t mean there won’t be hard or scary things to do from time to time, but you will find that you are less concerned about fears and more interested in creating the result.


This is deep inner work that offers lasting results. If you’re at all called to work with me, I’d love to offer you a free Discovery Session to chat about where you’re at and whether working with me can help you get to where you want to be.


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