It’s fair to say I know a lot about being stuck, and let’s be honest, it sucks. It’s frustrating, it makes you question your worth and your value, it leaves you wondering if you can even do this entrepreneur thing (you can) and meanwhile, time is ticking and you’re still not getting to where you want to be, in your business and in your life.


Breathe it out, let it go. I hear you, I get it.


That is NOT you, that’s just what happens when energetic blocks and limiting beliefs hold you back from moving forward with your business and your life.


We can clear that! You and me, together as a team, we can totally clear that all out and you can start finally making progress (and money, let’s not forget that biggie) in your business. You will feel confident, radiant, empowered, free, worthy, valued, respected and powerful. You will naturally start taking actions that you couldn’t take before. Your business and your life will start to flow, and it will feel amazing!

Hello! I’m Jacqui, an alignment coach for women entrepreneurs. I struggled with crippling limiting beliefs and energetic blocks when I started my business and nothing worked for me – coaching, online courses, pushing through – nothing worked until I started clearing my energetic blocks and aligning with what I wanted. I’m an energy healer and started using the techniques I knew to clear up energetic blocks and limiting beliefs I had, having NO IDEA if it would work for me or not, and thankfully it did!


And I know it will work for you too as I’ve used these same techniques with dozens of clients and all have had amazing breakthroughs, ah-ha’s and massive energy shifts, AND taken actions to get results that before, they just couldn’t do.


If you are ready to make a change, if you are at the point where you know you need to do the inner work because you’ve tried everything else, if you are tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed and instead are ready to start growing your business and living the life you truly want, I invite you to book a Complimentary Alignment Session with me now. Let’s make it happen for you too.


Book Your Complimentary Alignment Session 


Want to know more about me? Okay…


I was an accountant for more than 10 years and I freakin’ hated it. I like numbers, I’m good with numbers and I’m a big fan of a tidy set of accounts (yep, true) but I hated being stuck in an office all day and where I didn’t feel I could just be ‘me’. Plus, I like to talk, and let’s be honest, most accounting offices aren’t super chatty places. So, I’m out (and coaching instead, which I love!).


I’m an energy healer, a path I’ve totally stumbled onto. I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening* and that really changed the direction of my life. I trained as a Reiki Master and in another technique called Pellowah which is really powerful. I also read Tarot and oracle cards, use flower essences and essential oils every day and I use intuition and guidance for everything.


What else, I’m a mama to a gorgeous boy who keeps me on my toes, and to our 2 cats and our little dog. Mountain biking has been my obsession since 2001 and I’ve raced and now work as a skills coach. I am vegan and eat crazy amounts of hummos (which has replaced the crazy amounts of cheese I used to eat). I do yoga, I meditate and I love being in forests and at the beach. And I love my morning coffee.


I also have an online crystal shop – The Little Crystal – which I started just after my awakening.  I love crystals and gems, and I just enjoy having my own shop. Mostly I just love opening big boxes of sparkly gems for stock, as I usually forget what I ordered and it feels a little bit like being a kid at Christmas time again. And it’s fun!