How do you know when it's the right time to take the plunge and invest in a coach? Here are my top 5 signs it's time to invest in a coach.Having worked on both sides of this equation – being the coach and being coached, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 signs it’s time to invest in a coach, and when it’s not the right time!


But first, let me share the story of my first coaching experience. It was 2012, and I had no idea what coaching was about or why I needed one, but I ended up hiring one to help me with a business that, in hindsight, was a crazy idea that had no legs, and that definitely did not warrant the $3,300 I invested in my coach.


Long story short – I quit the coaching package before it was finished (no refunds), as I couldn’t keep up with the pressure I felt – I wasn’t doing the work, I didn’t have the vision or momentum to keep moving forward with the business and at the end of the day, there was nothing my coach could do for me. I was also pregnant, struggling with all-day morning sickness and completely NOT in the headspace for building a business.


Do I regret hiring that coach? Absolutely not! That investment helped me to discover a LOT about myself, and that was the first time I really saw myself coming up against what I call ‘invisible walls’ – energetic blocks and/or limiting beliefs that literally prevent you from taking action towards your goals. At that time I had no idea what they were, but I was starting to see a pattern forming – a pattern of non-completion, of not following through, of giving up. Plus, she did teach me how to build a WordPress website, which proved invaluable in the years that followed.


Since then I’ve worked with a life coach in a group coaching program, various business coaches in group programs and a new one on one business coach. And I absolutely, 100% believe that if you want to make real, lasting change, either in life or in business, then investing in a coach is a good idea not negotiable. Because then it’s not just wanting and wishing anymore – you have skin in the game. And you have someone to help you when you hit the points where it gets hard, or where you would normally quit.


Having said all that, these are my top five signs it’s time to invest in a coach.


#1 You want something that you don’t have

You want something that you don’t have – like setting up your business, or figuring out how to grow your business, or how to market your business – and you want it badly enough to do what it takes to have it. That’s an excellent time to invest in a coach because a coach will push you past your comfort zone and help you to do the things you find uncomfortable. And that’s how you create new results.


#2 You’ve tried on your own but haven’t yet succeeded

This is where many people will quit – when they’ve tried to make a change or create an outcome on their own, but haven’t been successful – yet. The people who ultimately succeed in creating what they want in their business and in their life are the ones who don’t quit. They know that they will succeed, even if they haven’t yet. And investing in a coach is an excellent way to help you get past whatever is holding you back, and finally create your own success.


#3 You feel stuck

Feeling stuck in your business or life is no joke – it can be the most horrible feeling knowing you want things to be different while being unable to see how to make it happen. A good coach will help you to step past your own limitations and start to see a new path forward and will support you in making new decisions and taking different actions that will help you get to where you want to be.


#4 You want to get to the ‘next level’ but can’t see how to get there

The ‘next level’ is such an elusive beast, and often you don’t realise you’re at the next level until you’ve already been there for some time. And other times we can get so fixated on getting to the ‘next level’ that we can’t see the forest for the trees – and that’s where a good coach can help you to step back and help see the path forward. And the next level will almost certainly bring up your ‘stuff’, which is where energy and mindset work is invaluable.


#5 You’ve been waiting for things to change – for years

This is a biggie and a clear sign that if you really DO want things to change, you need outside help. Wanting and hoping and waiting for things to change does not create change. Changing your energy, changing your vibration, seeking new ideas and possibilities, making new decisions, taking new actions – this is what creates change. Often we resist as we get comfortable with what we know. A good coach will help you step bravely into new territory.


Okay so that’s my top five signs it’s time to invest in a coach. But how do you know when it’s NOT the right time? Well that’s a post in its own right, for now, here are my top two reasons when it’s not the right time to invest.


#1 You can’t afford it

Coaching costs money. Sometimes quite a lot. And the idea is that it should be a stretch for you so that you value it and get value out of it. But if it stretches you to the point where it stresses you out, where you wonder how you’ll be able to pay your bills, then it’s not the time to get a coach. It’s time to get more money flowing in any way you can and save up to pay for the coach.


#2 Your heart isn’t in it

This is when you think you should do something, but you’re really pushing and forcing to make yourself do it. Coaching will demand a lot of you. It will ask you to step up and move beyond where you are and who you are. If your heart isn’t in it, you can bet you won’t be motivated or inspired to follow through on your coaching. And then it becomes a waste of time for both you and your coach. And that’s not cool.


And then there’s the huge topic of what type of coach to hire – a business coach, a marketing coach, a consultant, a life coach, an energy alignment coach (oh hey that’s me!) or any other kind of coach you can think of. There are a lot of titles for coaches floating around out there. You need to obviously find one that you can work with and that will help you to get the results you want.


My style of coaching is this – we work on the underlying energy first, and then we work out the actions. We work with aligned actions to create business outcomes. I work mostly with people who have tried everything else and still not got the results, because they have underlying energetic blocks and/or limiting beliefs that are holding them back. When we clear those out, results, even (especially) business results, tend to happen quickly.


Feeling stuck or unsure in your business? Not sure what to do next? Sick of trying to figure it all out? Grab my 5-day Aligned Business Breakthrough mini course and get yourself moving again with my simple but powerful blend of energy work and action taking.



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